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Megaproject: Warnes Thermoelectric Plant – Bolivia


The project consists in the expansion of the Warnes Thermoelectric Plant (PTWAR), through the implementation of combined cycles in the current facilities and the expansion of the Plant, increasing the supply of power to the SIN, generating surpluses for the export of electrical energy . The PTWAR has been designed to reach an estimated installed capacity of 520 MW through the use of technology that implies an increase in the power and energy of the plant, without increasing fuel consumption.

Location: Department of Santa Cruz, Warnes province
  Energy Type: Thermoelectric
  Executing Company: ENDE ANDINA S.A.M.
  Financing: Central Bank of Bolivia (BCB) and ENDE.

Power: 320 MW 

Current situation: In detail engineering process
  Proy Stage: In Investment

Project Start Date: May 2016
Date Finished. Project: July 2019
Start date Operation: July 2019